Susan Rich Talks…Love&Lifestyle with Liz Langley and James Swan

Sex relieves tension. Love causes it.
~Wood Allen

“We’ve all had crazy times in love – intense or unrequited, unhappy and we want to leave it or someone leaves you – it can make you a bit bananas,” says Liz Langley. Liz is the author of Crazy Little Thing: Why Sex and Love Drive Us Mad, and she joined Susan Rich and Annemarie Schuetz to talk about brain chemistry, psychology and true love and love lost stories.

When we feel that first flush of infatuation, that flutter of attraction, it makes us ‘mad,’ she says, because there’s a  mind-body chemistry involved. When it comes to love, “We all feel a little batty sometimes.”

Liz has written about sex and relationships for the better part of eight years. “It’s easier to write about sex than relationships. Most people understand sex.” But her interest and research brought her deeper understanding about the force that move us all. She spoke about why we’re drawn to people who treat us poorly, genetic attractions (an occurrence that happens between siblings separated at birth, who meet later in life), and brain mapping.

101 Things I Hate About Your House

Next up we talked with James Swan, author and world-class interior designer. James shared thoughts about the thousands of homes he’s experienced over the years. The book is a humorous, yet gentle, send-up of the most common design mistakes people make, and how to avoid them.

  • Your front door: When you only have 8 seconds to make a first impression, try to look at your home through a stranger’s eyes, he suggests. Then fix the standout flaws. It’s also ok to liven up the porch season-by-season. Be whimsical, don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Nurturing your design eye: Surround yourself with beautiful objects. Look at books, magazines, museums. Think of design as a muscle, learn to flex it.
  • How to design on the cheap: Check out Ebay, local auctions, garage sales. Have patience – you won’t find your treasure immediately, but find it you will.
  • Vintage re-models: Some people go all or nothing, he notes. Be practical. It’s possible to incorporate the best of any era into a period home.

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