Susan Rich Talks…Week in Review

Just in case you weren’t listening this past week, here’s a quick wrap-up of Susan Rich Talks.

For the week of January 30:

Monday: Living the Writing Life – Shel Horowitz shared his tips and tricks for marketing your book: Frugally, and effectively. Also, weekly writing prompt: Write about you day at the beach, win a prize.

Tuesday: Rich & Gluten-Free – Jen Fugo talked to us about how going gluten-free can create a sugar addiction; author Michael Prager talked about his journey from Fat Boy to Thin Man.

Wednesday: Love & Lifestyle – Michael John Fierro shared the wisdom of using numerology in the classroom, plus, yes, we talked about whether the world will end in 2012. Dr. Taffy Wagner told us how to talk about money with our adult children. A delicate topic that can really be mastered!

Thursday: Your Marketing Plan – Susan Rich gave marketing advice to a business owner who is restructuring her health food store. Steve Gamlin talked about how the Law of Attraction can build your business.

Friday: Potpourri + Retro Kitchen with co-host Annemarie Schuetz. Annemarie shared her weekly Stupid, Silly, and Disturbing News Report (a failed murder plot that involved a husband and wife, an unwitting suspect, a tub filled with water, a yowling cat and a radio. All’s well that ends well, meaning those who should be alive, are – including the cat – and those who should be in jail, are.) This week’s guest was illusionist Brian Glow, who told us about his amazing food drive. If you’re looking for a great fundraising idea, check out the video on the Vanishing Vegetables website.

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