Susan Rich Talks…hidden stress and your health with David Clarke, MD

Is hidden stress making you sick? Maybe.
And even when the doc can’t find anything wrong…it’s not all in your head.

Comforting words, certainly, for anyone who has spent years coping with baffling health problems that defy diagnosis.

The news gets even better: David D. Clarke, MD explains that many people are suffering from stress-related illness, not some dreadful, incurable malady. Once they come to grips with an event that happened last week or 30 years ago, the true healing process begins. While not everyone is cured overnight, the acknowledgement and release of emotional pain often brings significant relief to the physical pain.

The result: A healthier person, both in body and spirit, and a continued journey towards who we are truly meant to be. It’s an inspiring idea, and one Clarke and Susan Rich talked about on Susan’s internet radio show, Rich&GlutenFree.

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