Sweeteners – which are best, especially for baking?

“Sweet Season” starts at Halloween and continues through New Years Day.  The average person gains 15 pounds during this time – mostly from sugar which also breeds illness.  Not everyone knows how to avoid the dangers of sugar and other sweeteners.  Yet, there are sweeteners that you can use to get the most sweet taste with the least amount of sugar.  Co-host Dr. Heather Manley, author of the Human Body Detectives, and our guest, Brenda Bennett, known as the Sugar Free Mom, will show you how to create fun holiday  and everyday meals without overloading on sweeteners –  meals and recipes your family and friends will love.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to beat the sugar war with winning recipes.  Wed. 6pm ET, Live.( Includes Chat Room Prize.)   Preview Twitter Party, Tues. 2pm ET  #famfoodexperts.  See you there!

… for the health of  your family,
Ellen (Host)
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