This Women Filmmaker Nails It- Fearless Fabulous You June 5

Watching “Joy Joy Nails,” written and directed by Filmmaker Joey Ally makes you uncomfortable. Like nails slowly tapping a table, it gets your attention.  An official selection at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, the film highlights the untold truth, abysmal pay, racism and sometimes violence that women endure in the roughly 2,000 nail salons across New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, originally inspired by the excellent New York Times investigative report, “Unvarnished.” 

Filmmaker Joey Ally

Joey is a young filmmaker with several credits to her name, with a focus on women. Her other films are “Minimum Wage” and “Partners.” Her production company is Silver Ox Pictures.  She’s paving the way for other young, inspired and talented filmmakers. Joey steps away from the lens to discuss her view on the wage gap for women in the film industry, the topic of finding better roles for women and her own path to success. June 5, 4:30pmEST Fearless Fabulous YOU! on W4WN- the Women 4 Women Network and podcast to and the free iHeart App.



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