Treatment SOS, Thurs., Oct. 31, 2:00 pm ET, 11:00 am PT Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Kelly.

Have you ever felt that something wasn’t right in one or both of your breasts, even though your mammogram shows nothing? Do you get called back time and time again for a recheck? 1 picture imperfectDr. Kelly is a diagnostic radiologist specializing in breast disease. He is the director of Breast Ultrasound Center (Pasadena & Venice, California) in a practice of breast ultrasound and 2nd opinion consultation. Dr. Kelly has conducted clinical research on the discovery and diagnosis of breast cancer by ultrasound for over 20 years. He invented the first automated whole-breast ultrasound (AWBU) scanner in 1999, and found the first mammographically occult cancers with this modality the next year. Dr. Kelly is Founder and Chairman of the Board of SonoCine, Inc., the manufacturer and distributor of the SonoCinê 2-D AWBU system, a computer controlled examination of the entire breasts. This means comprehensive “whole-breast” coverage and peace of mind for both the physician and patient, especially for women with dense breast tissue! Rebroadcast, Sat., Nov. 2, 5:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm PT,

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