You Are Not Losing Your Mind! You Just Need to Declutter It- June 26

June 26 on Fearless Fabulous You!  Live: Anytime:

She’s a Brainiac Who Helps Your Clear Your Head

No, you are not losing your mind or your memory. You just may need to find a better way to organize your thoughts. Lose your keys? Forget a word or someone’s name? It happens to me all the time. Memory Expert Dr. Michelle Braun helps individuals reduce and manage brain blips. Dr. Braun is an award winning Clinical Neuropsychologist whose mission is to help adults improve their memory and reduce their risk for Alzheimer’s. She also debunks common myths about brain health and memory loss.

Meet Dr. Michelle Braun June 26, 4pm EST on Fearless Fabulous YOU!


Learn my tips to clear your mind. I call them the Power of One. Do just one of these and see what happens. Read more at

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