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Are Your Elderly Parents Eating Properly? Fearless Fabulous You! July 11

Remember when your Mom used to bug you about eating your vegetables when you were a child? Well, in my case the shoe is now on the other foot. My 80ish young at heart mother does not like to eat vegetables. Nor does she like to cook. Her meals consist of supermarket takeout or restaurant
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Meet Souper Woman- Soupelina’s Elina Fuhrman

The healing power of soup can never be underestimated. A warm bowl of chicken soup will ease a cold. A mug of nourishing bone broth may be the only thing a cancer patient in treatment can tolerate. [caption id="attachment_22802" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Veggie Healing Broth[/caption] A cup of tomato soup
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How Citymeals-on-Wheels Helps Fight Malnutrition Among Our Elderly

Usually when we think of malnutrition our thoughts drift  to impoverished areas of the United States or overseas to Third World countries. Rarely do we think about New York City much less a neighbor in your building. But the reality is New York City is home to nearly 1.3 million senior citizens age 60 years and older.
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