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Before you Purchase Another Jar of Vitamins Tune in March 7

The word "wellness" may end up as the Word of the Year in 2016. The self- improvement industry is a $10 billion juggernaut, from books to products to services to make you look, feel and act better. Chefs have jumped on the bandwagon; so have many film and TV celebrities who are now "lifestyle and wellness experts."
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Cancer SOS, Mon., Nov. 11, 2:00 pm ET, 11:00 am PT, Sharon Olsen and Hanne Hojsted, N.D.

Guests: Sharon Olsen and Hanne Hojsted, N.D. What is inflammation and what causes it? What is the difference between acute and chronic inflammation? Is there a connection between inflammation and pain? Can inflammation be the root cause of most diseases, including cancer? What are some of the supplements or herbs you can take for
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Multi-vitamins and supplements: How do we make the best choice?

We've seen the headlines: One report screams that vitamin E is suddenly bad for men. Another howls that supplements can shorten a woman’s lifespan. It’s no better when it comes to food: One day we read that caffeine is good, the next it’s bad. Red wine today helps the heart, tomorrow it
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