Daily Archives: September 8, 2012

CLIC Tarot Radio Show Archive 9-5-12

Jeanne Fiorini of TarotWorks (https://www.tarotworks.com) hosts the CLIC Tarot radio show. This week Jeanne reviews the "Card for the Week" (in this case the "Wheel of Fortune" card), answers a viewer email about "What to do when the cards make no sense," and speaks with 3 callers addressing various queries for the Tarot.
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Debut of NEW Health Talk Radio Show Starts Today

Krystal Gray is a well known health care professional. She is a seasoned clinical nutritionist with over 30 years in the health/wellness industry and is known for her no-nonsense approach to matters of health and nutrition. Join “Health Talk” on www.w4wn.com the Women 4 Women Network Saturdays at 12 noon et and Mondays at 3
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