Can your intestines spring a leak?

Yes, although around here we call it having a leaky gut.

First, a definition:

A leaky gut can be likened to passing breadcrumbs through a flour sieve. A properly working (sieve) gut filters out (breadcrumbs) impurities, only allowing (sifted flour) nutrients to flow through. The result: Proper absorption of nutrients. Good energy. Strong immune system. Better moods.
Get a bit of rust on the thing, and you’ve got problems. Impurities (breadcrumbs) start entering your bloodstream, creating  joint swelling and other physical miseries.

It is possible to diagnose and treat a leaky gut, and that’s what Dr. Shani Fox, a holistic primary care specialist, and journalist-blogger Susan Rich talked about on this morning’s internet radio show, RichandGlutenFree. If you have Celiac disease, there’s a strong chance you have a leaky gut. If you have a food intolerance, this diagnosis depends on other factors that are best determined between you and your Naturopathic doctor.

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