Dr. Kathleen Ruddy’s reputation is synonymous with the future of breast cancer. Mon., June 3rd, Cancer SOS, 2:00 pm EST

Kathleen T. Ruddy, MD, is an internationally recognized breast cancer expert and surgeon. She is the Founder and President of Breast Health And Healing, her private practice in New Jersey, and creator of the ongoing Pink Virus Project. Dr. Ruddy’s consistent commitment to helping women with breast cancer began early in her medical career, when her own mother was diagnosed with the disease. Topic: Should the Genes that Cause Breast Cancer be Patented? There’s a debate taking place within the breast cancer community as to whether human genes – the essence of life! – can be patented by companies. While this benefits the pharmaceutical industry, scientific progress and patients’ lives are put at risk. Join us for this great topic, and we’ll get an update on The Pink Vaccine. If you miss the live interview, you can listen to the rebroadcast on Saturday, June 8th at 2:00 p.m. EST on both W4CS and W4WN.

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