Fearless Fabulous You! Molly MacDonald, The Pink Fund’s Angel- Providing Aid To Women in Need Fighting Breast Cancer

Diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in April 2005, Molly MacDonald was thankful in knowing the disease was unlikely to take her life. But it did take away her livelihood. In between jobs at her time of diagnosis and facing an already tight family budget and mounting medical debts, Molly and her family came close to losing their home and relying on a local food bank to feed her family of five children. When Molly’s question to get When Molly’s quest to get financial help was met with blank stares she became determined to give help to others suffering from lost income as a result of their diagnosis and treatment.


Molly MacDonald Founder/CEO, The Pink Fund
Molly MacDonald
Founder/CEO, The Pink Fund

Molly’s adversity turned into action. She established The Pink Fund, a 501c3 charity that provides 90 days of non-medical financial air to cover patient’s basic cost of living expenses such as health insurance, housing, transportation and utilities. Providing for the basic financial needs of patients at such a critical time helps reduce their stress and focus on healing.

Since its founding in 2014 The Pink Fund has made $845,504.45 in bill payments on behalf of 843 survivors. The Pink Fund has been recognized by Charity Navigator, Time and Money magazines as one of five national breast cancer charities in the country who put your donated dollars to good use.

Molly now serves as fully time CEO of The Pink Fund and writes a column on financial wellness for Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine. She has received numerous honors and accolades for her work and The Pink Fund is now one of four charity partners in Ford Motor Company’s Warrior in Pink program serving patients in all 50 states.  Connect:  www.thepinkfund.org       facebook.com.ThePinkFund        Twitter.com/ThePinkFund


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Tine in Mondays 9pm ET on W4WN or listen anytime on iHeart.com
Tine in Mondays 9pm ET on W4WN or listen anytime on iHeart.com

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