Goals – Purging and Boldness “Solo Pro Radio Co-Hosts Friday Free For All Discussion”

Today was an exciting day with co-hosts Barbara Saunders (www.iasecp.com), Bonnie Marie Kuhn (bonniemariecoaching.com) and Tshombe Brown (yoursignatureconsulting.com). We focused on new beginnings: Setting goals, purging our offices and home; and lastly, stepping up and being BOLD!
Setting goals is a common New Year’s resolution. Yet so many fail to achieve their goals or simply give up because they are not properly prepared.
Goals – Purpose – Plan – Action – Decisiveness
• Look at the end of 2012 and look at who you’ve become and are excited to meet and know?
Connect with your purpose
• Create a plan of action – determine the steps needed to accomplish your goals, support structure to get you there and emotional commitment to the goal
• Set intentions to regularly access your goals – connect daily to your goal and plan of action
• Know why you want the goal
• Evaluate what is or isn’t working as you are stepping towards your goals
• Set up rewards and celebrations for each step of the way towards your goals
• Stay connected to the feeling and “Why” of your goals
• Get involved or create a mastermind group to support your goal achievement
• Consider creating a theme for your year “ the year of increasing partnerships or the year of self-care”
• Make a decision every day that positively affects your goals
• Champion others who are growing and creating success like you are: “When you raise yourself, raise others around you!”
New Year’s Ritual – Purging
• Purge your office of unnecessary paperwork and items that no longer serve you
• Clear out what you are no longer using to open up the space for new things and ideas to come into your life
• Remember, you can’t invite in new in unless you get rid of the old (things, emotions, people)
• When you let go, you will step up into expanding “you”
Stepping into a BOLD Life
• Center you focus
• Stand in your power
• Allow others to give to you, reach out and connect, expand your marketing and contacts – “No man is an island.”
• Take competition out of your mindset – collaboration and partnership with others in your same industry can help you leap forward – reaching out can increase your cash flow
• Take a leap of faith
• Stand up and provide VALUE
• Focus on your purpose

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