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www.ochealingcenter.comFeburary 21st @ 7pm PST please join me and my guest Simona Mainini for a friendly talk on how we can use Feng Shui to improve our life, our finances and be happy no matter how many challenges we are having.

Simona is here today to share with you Feng Shui tips room by room
tips for people who are moving into a new place, tips for people who are buying a house. 2012 forecast on what we should expect this year and how to use it to our advantage

Simona started out as interior designer in Italy, and begin study Hong Kong style Feng Shui with her Chinese teacher in the mid 90s, after she graduated from architectural school.
Her main goal was to learn how to improve people life by creating a healing living and working environment. Since ’97 she has been a practicing consultant on all kind of residential and commercial projects, including large development due to her background.
She has been teaching for over 10 years, “Feng Shui for Designers and Architects” at UCLA Extension and has authored the book “Feng Shui for Architecture”.

In 2007 Simona was acknowledge by her Asian peers as “Feng Shui Master” and hence invited to speak at international conferences in Honk Kong, Singapore and Europe.
She currently leaves in Los Angeles and travels nationally and internationally as needed by her clientele.

Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch., FS Master
310 860 8989


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