New Week, New Radio Topic, New Prize: Family Food Experts

It’s Fall – the perfect time for chefs to share family-friendly recipes for Fall Root Vegetables.  You say your kids won’t eat them.  We are here to say, they will be asking for seconds once they taste these recipes.  These often overlooked budget-saving vegetables are nutrient power-houses.  Stacey Antine (Health Barn USA) will join me and welcome our guest, Mary Platis, the California Greek Girl.  All of us teach kids to cook and work with kids in school. Together, we all know kids will eat healthier foods as long as they taste good. As Stacey says, there will be No Yucks, just Thumbs Up!

Tune in for some culinary fun.  Sign in the Chat Room to be eligible to win a prize during the show.  Wed. 6pm EDT,

We are here to inspire you to be healthy with every bite!

… for the health of your family,
Host: Family Food Experts 

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