“Relating to Your Self for a Change” – an inspiring conversation with Johanna Atman, Whole Life Therapies

“Relating to your SELF for a change.” Healing and personal growth only happens through the body. In today’s interview with Johanna Atman, PhD and CMT, owner of Whole Life Therapies, we discussed the profound changes you can receive through integrative body work, cranial therapy and Escogetic Colorpuncture.
Healing energy flows through you affecting your emotional, spiritual and physical state. Johanna helps anyone in physical and emotional pain, people in transition, and those committed to their own healing and personal growth. Using a variety of techniques, she helps her clients achieve relaxation, increased energy flow, awareness, deep healing, remembrances, release of tension, pain and stress, and much more.
Integrative bodywork combines massage, conscious breathing and related dialogue to heal and integrate life experience through body and mind. It is much more than a massage. Standing in a grounded place, Johanna is able to guide your energy allowing you to experience joy of aliveness, greater freedom, openness, acceptance, well-being and delight.
Another non-invasive technique that Johanna employs is cranial sacral Therapy. Her most profound and deep work. Working with your cranial bones and sacrum in which all of your nerves connect, she is able to guide her clients into a different consciousness, almost a waking-dream state. It is used as a preventive health measure because of its ability to bolster resistance to disease, the negative effects of stress and a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.
Escogetic Colorpuncture, like acupuncture without needles, is another form of therapy Johanna shares with her clients. It is the communication between cells in the body with light. The light is a natural support element that supports the body’s natural healing process.
The integration of aromatic oils is a staple in her practice. Using Floracopia Aromatic Treasures, the finest, purest, organic and sustainably harvested essential oils – Johanna finds these an essential part of the healing process for her clients. The oils are beneficial to our immune systems as well as our emotional state. They can be relaxing, soothing, energizing, calming and more. Each floral fragrance has a natural ability to connect with our internal vibration.
To keep herself and her clients healthy and living a holistic life, Johanna was inspired to carry a groundbreaking wellness line of products, GIA Wellness. These products are designed to optimize your body’s hydration, fuel your body with essential nutrients and assist in the body’s natural recovery from stress, exertion, pain, fatigue and compromised sense of well-being.
Johanna, thank you for a wonderful experience and an in-depth look into your profound work. Your passion for what you provide to your clients is inspiring.
Please visit Johanna Atman at www.wholelifetherapies.com and for more information on GIA Wellness Products and their exclusive “intelligently designed water i-H20” visit www.GIAWellness.com/johannaatman/

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