Rockin Interview with Shauna Rosenblum, Rock Wall Wines

What a rockin’ interview with Shauna Rosenblum, Winemaker and owner of Rock Wall Wine Company. Her enthusiasm for wine making is contagious!  Growing up in the Rosenblum winemaking family, her  father inspired her to do anything that she wanted to do.  Though Shauna grew up with winemaking, she first ventured into the arts world, studying ceramics and sculpture at the California College of Arts and Crafts.  It was there, while taking chemistry courses, she found her love of winemaking flourish.
Growing up in a winemaking family instilled lifelong learning for the love of wine.  Conversation revolved around wine throughout her life.  Whether learning to identify an aroma of a wine, identifying the flavorful elements, or evaluating the wine brix, wine was and remains today to be her passion in life.  It is common for her family to discuss the aroma of the wine, whether it has a green bell pepper or tobacco nuance, creamy blackberry, ripe current and black pepper or the nuance of a chocolate fudge brownie.  Yummy!
In 2008, after her family sold Rosenblum wines, she started Rock Wall Wine Company.  They found a fabulous location on the decommissioned Alameda Naval Airbase in Alameda, California, just 30 minutes from San Francisco and an hour from Napa.   This allowed her to be in the center of 10 million wine enthusiasts, while still be close to the regional vineyards.
Shauna loves to make people happy through her wine creations.  Whether it is a Zinfandel, Cabernet, Petit Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Voigner, Muscat or an amazing blend of grapes; she loves to experiment and create magnificent wines that give decadent aromatics and succulent flavors.
One of the tremendous opportunities Shauna enjoys are the longstanding relationships with the vintners that her father, Kent Rosenblum, the grandfather of urban winemaking, established through Rosenblum Wines. Shauna is able to work closely with the viti’culturists to produce the desired wines.   She is quick to share that there is an art to growing wine grapes and grape selection.  Each vineyard is exposed to different micro climates and the growing of fabulous grapes depends on a variety of factors including dry farming, Mother Nature, and healthy and mature – 100 plus year old vines.
This is a great industry for women, although still dominated by men, it is a place to share your creativity, and use your amazing talents in identifying smells and flavors.  You can learn more about becoming a winemaker by visiting Rock Wall Wine Company as well as doing a lot of wine tasting at other wineries.  Wine courses are available at UC Davis, most community colleges, and cooking schools.  If you’ve ever dreamed of creating and bottling your own wine, Shauna is the first to tell you, if you love wine, have a great sense of smell and taste, go for it!  You can even begin at home in your garage or basement!
The Rock Wall Wine Company is a magnificent location for special events.  I have personally visited the site, and it is spectacular! With a beautiful domed shaped building with unique lighting features, onsite kitchen, 40,000 square feet of Airplane Hangar space, a beautifully appointed wine tasting room and a remarkable view – Rock Wall Wine Company is the place to hold your special event or celebration.
Thank you Shauna, you inspired me and I am certain thousands of our Solo Pro Radio listeners on today!
SPECIAL EVENT:  VIVA AMORE! VIVA WINE! Friday, February 10, 2012 6pm-9pm – Be the first to taste the sexy new Romancer, a delicious blend of Malbec, Mourvedre & Petite Verdot. It makes its debut at this event!
For more information and tickets to this event and others visit:
If you’d like to get in touch call 510-522-5700 or Email

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