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Plainly Simply Delicious Celebration Recipes! Thurs. 1pm ET

How many celebration parties do you throw every year? How many Pot Lucks do you attend? Running out of recipe and menu ideas? Want some plainly simply delicious ones that are crowd-pleasers? Then tune in to hear our guest, Chef Meryl Bennan, noted recipe developer with Plainville Farms, share her favorites. From appetizers, finger food
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Sweet Treats You Can Live With! RECIPES. Thurs. 1pm ET

Tis the season for treats to serve at parties, celebrations, and to enjoy as goodies just because! “Sweet Treats” is the name of this season’s game. But, how do you escape adding those unwanted pounds? How do you avoid sugar highs and headaches? How do you prevent energy outbursts by your kids followed by
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Holiday Baking with Your Kids – We make it easy, better-for-you fun!

There's more to holiday baking than decorating cookies.  How about Pumpkin Spice Donuts, Ginger Snap Cookies, Dessert Tacos – or even Plum or Date Pinwheels made with OJ- so easy and delicious!  We may even tackle a ginger-bread house! My co-host, Stacey Antine, RD, (Health Barn USA)- author of Appetite for Life, and, our guest,
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