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FREE Tarot Readings on Today’s CLIC Tarot

CLIC Tarot Program Note for 8-29-12 Jeanne ( is flying solo this week on CLIC Tarot radio, available to answer viewer questions about the Tarot, how it works, "rules of the road," hints and tips for better readings, and also welcoming your call-in requests for on-air readings. These are FREE READINGS,
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CLIC Tarot This Week: Tarot, Healing, and Personal Potential

Jeanne's guest this week will be Toni Gilbert, holistic nurse, transpersonal psychology counselor, and author of the new book "Gaining Archetypal Vision." The talk will be about the body/mind connection, archetypes, healing, and personal potential. WOW! Be sure to tune in Wednesday 3pm EST for what promises to be a fascinating show!
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