TREATMENT SOS: Today, July 18th, 2:00 pm ET Do you know your breast density?

Has anyone ever told you your breast density? Why is legislation necessary in our states that require medical professionals to tell us if we have dense breasts? . “No one, particularly any doctor involved in a woman’s health care, should have the option to keep pertinent health information about her, from her. This fatal flaw in the reporting requirement from radiologist to patient must be corrected.” Does this make you mad? It should. Imagine my own chagrin when I found out—thanks to one of my guests for this show, Chiqeeta Jameson from SonoCine—that I was at risk. Heather Reimer, also a survivor, from Hometown Health will also discuss her cancer journey. 40% of women have dense breast tissue. Mammography is effective with fatty breasts, but it found only 48% in women with the densest breasts. This is one show that you shouldn’t miss! If you can’t listen to the live show, tune in Saturday at 5:00-6:00 pm ET on W4CS.1 A Y D Billboard

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