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This Smart Cookie Beat Cancer and Found Sweet Dreams

June is National Cancer Survivors Month. As a breast cancer survivor I believe in healthy thriver-ship and sharing inspiring stories about fellow survivors. This month I'll introduce you to some survivors who will share their life lessons. Monday June 6 on Fearless Fabulous You! Meet Loren Brill, founder of Sweet Loren's. After beating cancer at a
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Living with a Terminal Illness- Fearless Fabulous You!

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can set your life in a tailspin. Trust me. I've received that news. Fortunately my breast cancer was caught at an early stage, my treatment is behind me and my future bright. Receiving the news the cancer is Stage IV and terminal gives you two options: 1. you can focus on living
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She Helps Cancer Patients Savor Health Through Smart Nutrition

One of the toughest challenges for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer was enjoying food. Here I was a well connected professional food and wine consultant with a welcome seat at all the great restaurants in New York City, and food no longer appealed to me. It wasn't that I stopped liking food.
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