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BETTER FOOD CHOICES RADIO PROMO Wednesday, May 14, 2014 School Lunch Report! What should you do, pack school lunches for your kids or give them some lunch money? Well that all depends on what is being served at your school for a few dollars a day. From public to private schools, we will be reviewing how well
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Mindful Eating – Why This Matters! Meet Keri Gans. SUNDAY. 1pm ET

Have you ever looked down at an empty bag of chips or pint of ice cream and wondered where it all went?  Then it hits you, you ate all of it though you only remember enjoying the first couple of bites.  This would be mindless eating.   How about the time you bought a large popcorn
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Savvy Solutions for Children Who Challenge Us! Friday, 1pm ET

All children challenge authority – they are simply trying to grow up.  How we handle these challenges from the very beginning sets the stage for what we will face as they move into the tween and teenager years.  This includes the common battle over food choices.  Our guest, Dr. Beth Onufrak ( is a Clinical
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