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July 31 – Fearless Fabulous You!- She Created a Multimillion Business To Help You Find Your Key

Ater the September 11th terrorist attacks flight attendant Sandy Stein knew she wanted to make a life change. Her husband had been laid off, and she had a young son. She knew whatever risk she took needed to pay off, but what was the idea? [caption id="attachment_24104" align="aligncenter" width="180"] Sandy Stein, Founder, Finders
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This Women Filmmaker Nails It- Fearless Fabulous You June 5

Watching "Joy Joy Nails," written and directed by Filmmaker Joey Ally makes you uncomfortable. Like nails slowly tapping a table, it gets your attention.  An official selection at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, the film highlights the untold truth, abysmal pay, racism and sometimes violence that women endure in the roughly 2,000 nail salons across New York,
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Starting A Fearless Fabulous New Chapter

This week marks my third season hosting Fearless Fabulous You! ( I created my show because I wanted to use my voice to share stories of interesting people and inspire others. The work has been hard but completely gratifying. I've met so many wonderful, gifted and giving people along the way, from medical
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