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Jocelyn Greenky and Dr. Carla Marie Greco Feb 2 on Fearless Fabulous You!

Want to learn some tips from a top lifestyle branding expert on how to polish and present your best professional you? Joining Melanie February 2 on Fearless Fabulous You when she talks with branding pro, Jocelyn Greenky. [caption id="attachment_21167" align="alignleft" width="200"] Jocelyn Grenky Herz[/caption] Jocelyn Greenky, author of The Big Sister’s Guide
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Are You Living a Dynamic Lifestyle?

Join Bonnie Marie Kuhn and her guest, Paula D'Andrea,championing a Dynamic Lifestyle for her clients   Solo Pro Radio "Entrepreneurs in Focus" Hour Tuesday, May 15, 2012 10am(PST)on live internet radio 'Your dreams are always breathing life to your reality.' ~ Paula D’Andrea Paula D’Andrea champions a Dynamic
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Multi-vitamins and supplements: How do we make the best choice?

We've seen the headlines: One report screams that vitamin E is suddenly bad for men. Another howls that supplements can shorten a woman’s lifespan. It’s no better when it comes to food: One day we read that caffeine is good, the next it’s bad. Red wine today helps the heart, tomorrow it
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