Daily Archives: February 16, 2014

Firefighters rescue, serve, save our lives. They’re getting cancer at an alarming rate—higher than the gen. public. Cancer SOS, Mon., Feb. 17, 2:00 pm ET Dr. Susan Shaw

Dr. Susan Shaw, environmental health scientist, explorer, ocean conservationist, and author. Since 2009, Dr. Shaw has been investigating the impact of toxic chemical exposure on firefighters. She was lead scientist on a pilot study of California fire fighters that revealed new information about their exposure to carcinogenic chemicals while fire fighting. She is now conducting long-term
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Join Inner Lately Tuesday, February 18th 4 PM EST for Ask Lately – with Beth Lynch

Ask Lately – This Tuesday! Join Host Beth Lynch as she shares inspiration from channelings she has experienced over the last 18 years as well as connects you to the light & love of those who have crossed over.   Medium/Intuitive Beth Lynch will be taking calls LIVE this week. Call in for intuitive guidance or to
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