Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

Beginning Yoga to Intermediate- Picking your Yoga Practice

Are you just beginning yoga and not sure where to start?  Have you been doing yoga for years and want to expand your yoga practice and try new things?     Maybe, you tried yoga and had a bad first experience and want to do some more homework before you approach another class? Join CJ as she
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Embracing Fear As Your Best Friend

There are really only two emotions: love and fear.  Love is at a very high energetic frequency or vibration. Fear is at a very low frequency or vibration.  A higher vibrational energy always changes or transmutes the lower vibrational energy. Love dissolves fear. Let’s get scientific.  The transfer of energy, which typically comes from
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Inner Lately – Tuesday, March 25th @ 4 PM EST- Join Beth for Ask Lately!

Ask Lately – This Tuesday! Medium/Intuitive Beth Lynch will be taking calls LIVE this week.  She will be sharing inspiration from channelings she has experienced over the last 18 years and connecting you to the light & love of those who have crossed over.  Call in for intuitive guidance or to connect to the other side. 
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