A Better Life with Isabella Stoloff

In today’s world with so much on our plates it can be a bit overwhelming. Join Isabella Stoloff Shaman.Speaker.Spiritual guide for her new show A Better Life, Tuesday nights 7pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern. Isabella has experienced many challenges in her life and wants people to know they are not alone. Each week she will have an information packed hour on a range of topics. So tune in and enjoy a better life!
Interested in being on Isabella’s show? Do you have tips to create a better life?
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Join me and my guest Michelle Karen as we discuss how we have created a better life for ourselves.
Michelle is an Astrologer & Shaman. She will talk about the end of the Mayan calendar and teach you how to step outside of fear. To learn more about Michelle visit

Each week I will have a new exciting guest talk about how they create a better life every day!
Looking forward to connecting with you all


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