Donna Summer Dies from Lung Cancer

Donna Summers age 63, the Queen of Disco has died today from her battle with lung cancer. Ms Summers had always believed she contracted this form of cancer from her inhaling the toxic air from the 911 attacks in New York City. She was in Florida at the time of her death.  She was trying to finish up an album she was currently working on. Summers was famous for her songs :” She works hard for the money” and ” Last Dance”

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11 thoughts on “Donna Summer Dies from Lung Cancer”

  1. rip Donna Summer, You were the best like Whitney. thanks for my childhood. respect from NY.she believed she contracted lung cancer from 9-11? that could of possibly of been the truth.if she died from lung cancer.that was a terrible day.

  2. You’re amazing. I truly enjoyed your music, the production, arrangements, mix and originality. As a kid, I wished that I could have played with you in the studio and live. R.I.P. Donna Summers and thanks for Last Dance.

  3. May you continue to sing and dance in heaven. Your music will always epitomize an era that was truly filled by happiness and innocence in my life. May you rip.

  4. I rocked with you during the 70s. Your songs I know by hard.
    I will always play your music, and we will always love you !!.
    RIP Donna and Whitney.

  5. I believe you, Whitney, Michael and many other amazing artists are planning our entrance into heaven…. Only the good die young(thanks neil)… You were a blessing to me through the years and you will, Go on and on (thanks whitney)..until we meet.. you will be missed! Carin in Idaho

  6. So many happy memories when you were Queen, you still are of course. Rest in Peace, Beautiful Diva.

  7. You were an Angel – you are rightly among them now and will be forever in our thoughts.

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