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This Former Child Actress Is Now An Advocate for Positive Body Image

Actress turned Advocate Mary McDonough knows how body image and self-worth can take a beating in an industry and society where body perfection seems (abnormally) the norm.  Mary portrayed Erin on the hit television series, "The Waltons" and grew up in the public eye. She joins Melanie Young to share her story and advice for young women. Wednesday, September 20, 12 noon EST, on Fearless Fabulous YOU! on W4WN- the Women 4 Women Network.
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Fearless Fabulous Women Feb 16

The news that Sports Illustrated ‘s annual swimsuit issue includes a plus-size model, Ashley Graham, brought to the forefront the conversation about body image and body acceptance. If you truly love your body as it is you are one lucky person because studies show that over 80% of girls and women dislike their body in some
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