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Fresh Food Power! RECIPES. SUNDAY. 1pm ET

  Have you ever thought of food having power? It actually has the power to improve or damage around 100 trillion cells from which all your organs, tendons, bones, blood – all of you are made. That’s a lot of power! We are going to focus on which fresh foods make you look healthy, be healthy, fill
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Want an A+ 2013 Health Report? Be the 1st on the 1st to get started!

On the 1st, be the 1st, to get an A+ grade on your 2013 Health Report!  Co-host Dr. Heather Manley (Human Body Detectives) and Guest Kim Overpeck spell out practical simple ways to reverse, manage and improve your physical and emotional health.  They both have hands on experience... it is easier than you think. Delicious, too!
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