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FRESHen Up with Food Network Celebrity Chef, Curtins Aikens. 1pm ET TODAY!

Fresh from Celebrity Chef Curtis Aikens' mouth, pearls of produce wisdom.  For instance, do you know how to choose a ripe pineapple?  No, you don't pull the "leaves" off the top.  Look to see if it is crying.  Really.  Tune in to learn more about this truth and more, including how to clean and serve
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SUPER Super Bowl PARTY Tonight!

What makes a party SUPER?  What do you remember the most afterwards? The food of course!  Okay, we know, who won and who lost matters to most. Whether you are a Ravens or Forty-Niner fan, you are there to have fun. Food is fun, especially at a Super Bowl Party.  The ticket to not regretting
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Kids in the Kitchen. Soups On and Boy is it Good!

Catherine was an awesome guest last Wed. night!  She convinces you that making recipes is like doing a craft project – lots of hands-on fun!  Use her advice to inspire and empower you children as you learn to cook together. Start with smoothies and soups.  Easy pouring, stirring, measuring and running motors (kids love pushing those
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