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Eat Mediterranean Every Day. It’s so easy! TONIGHT, 6pm ET – RECIPES

People fly to Italy or Greece and return raving about the food, the Mediterranean way of eating.  Truth is, it is so easy to do this at home.  And, the health benefits are limitless.  You don’t need to travel any further than your local supermarket to find the needed ingredients.  And, recipes are so
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Kids in the Kitchen. Soups On and Boy is it Good!

Catherine was an awesome guest last Wed. night!  She convinces you that making recipes is like doing a craft project – lots of hands-on fun!  Use her advice to inspire and empower you children as you learn to cook together. Start with smoothies and soups.  Easy pouring, stirring, measuring and running motors (kids love pushing those
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Cooking on Your Budget this Season

Looking for ways to afford healthier foods your family will love this Fall without breaking the bank?  Facing the holidays wondering how you are going to pay for traditional feasts and throw parties for family and friends with delicious fresh foods?  Co-hosts, Kathy Siegel and Lauren Harris-Pincus (The Nutrition Babes) will join me to give
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