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Living the Writing Life: My prompt, your 100 words…win a prize!

What's in a prompt? Could be a prize for you: A free download of my book: Write it Rich! Tips for Reluctant Writers. All you have to do is answer my prompt.  Keep it to 100 words. Every submission will be moderated, so let's keep it to a PG-rating. No erotica, hate or foul language will
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Public Speaking: Talk and top your niche

Quick! Show of hands -- who is afraid of public speaking? It’s a common fear: Some studies show people would rather DIE than stand in front of a crowd and deliver a talk. And yet public speaking…or teaching…or leading a workshop and seminar about YOUR area of expertise, is the most effective,
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Web to the Rescue: Free business resource for start-ups

What's better than a masked marvel? Web to the Rescue! And if you’re a job seeker frustrated by the endless search, this website is for you. Web to the Rescue is a  free, online resource designed to help YOU launch and build a business or non-profit, and it’s the brainchild of business pro
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