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The Universe Does Revolve Around You

Remember growing up as a young child, and behaving as the center of attention? Remember your parents chastising you for being flamboyant? "Who do you think you are? The Universe doesn't revolve around you!" Your answer should have been, "Yes, it does, Mommy!" While there would have been dire penalties using that answer as a
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Do You Dream or Scheme?

Carol was in my office the other day, talking once again about the dress shop she dreamed of opening. Carol, a mythical name, comes once a month to talk about how unhappy she is, and more importantly, to dream. I asked her if she was dreaming or scheming about the shop. She laughed. Then sighed. “
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Stopping Those Pesky Expectations

Who had a houseful of holiday guests this last week? Who almost went off like a pressure cooker? Who blew an emotional fuse? Did your expectations get met, deflated or exceeded? Are you emotionally exhausted? The holidays are supposed to be a fun, joyous series of occasions. They get ruined with baseless expectations. Expectations are
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