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Prompt: Write for prize

What's the strangest thing that ever happened to you? Life is full of surprises, and strange things happen all the time. We might describe those whizzy-woo moments as destiny, fate, or the universe kicking a cosmic cookie our way. Coincidence, serendipity, stars in alignment -- it doesn't matter -- give us 100 words on the oddest,
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Susan Rich Talks…Week of February 20

LIVE! Susan Rich Talks ~ weekdays on Susan Rich, the get-you-noticed-now marketing pro and journalist-blogger, talks daily on internet radio station Join her 8 am PT / 11 am ET every weekday morning for your daily dose of the FEM factor: Fascinate. Educate. Motivate. For the week of February 20: Monday: Living the Writing
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Susan Rich Talks…Week in Review

Just in case you weren't listening this past week, here's a quick wrap-up of Susan Rich Talks. For the week of January 30: Monday: Living the Writing Life – Shel Horowitz shared his tips and tricks for marketing your book: Frugally, and effectively. Also, weekly writing prompt: Write about you day at the beach, win a prize.
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