Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

Eating Foods to Fight Cold & Flu Bugs. Dr. Bob Sears!

We are jumping on the spreading Flu Bug issue. Joining us to talk about food strategies needed to win flu and cold wars is my favorite kids’ physician and author,  Dr. Bob Sears from the well-known pediatrician Sears family.  As you know, flu reports are filling the headlines these days.  Everywhere you go people are
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Your Freezer to the Rescue.TODAY, 1pm ET. Save Food, Money & Time

Make your freezer your best friend so it will save you food, time and money!  Oh, and it will produce super delicious meals. Okay, you have to prepare the meals but we have the perfect food experts to help you make this easy.  Neither of them have a lot of extra time and money, either. 
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