Daily Archives: March 11, 2013

BEST 2013 Food Trends – Be the 1st to know!

Is eating Gluten-Free considered a trend?  What about Low-Sodium and Fat-Free diets?  Is there increasing trend toward becoming Vegetarian or Vegan?  Eating Fresh and Local seems to be growing.  Are all trends healthy?  Who decides what a trend is and what’s not.  How do you wade through all the noise, be it from the
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Who Cares for the Wives of Our Wounded Warriors?

Cheryl Gansner is the wife of a severely injured soldier. She is passionate, vibrant, dedicated, courageous and she is an advocate for the wives of our wounded warriors. Her blog Wife of a Wounded Soldier is riveting and it's her story, but it's also the story of many other wives and their husbands who are
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