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Fearless Fabulous You! Molly MacDonald, The Pink Fund’s Angel- Providing Aid To Women in Need Fighting Breast Cancer

Diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in April 2005, Molly MacDonald was thankful in knowing the disease was unlikely to take her life. But it did take away her livelihood. In between jobs at her time of diagnosis and facing an already tight family budget and mounting medical debts, Molly and her family came close to
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May 4 on Fearless Fabulous You! -Women Giving Back- Julie Shafer

With Mother’s Day approaching, I’ve decided to address an aspect of women that is continuing to grow and flourish. It is an ideal that my Mother, Sonia Young, passed on to me…”Do unto others.” Women are drawn to giving and giving back. According to studies conducted by The Indiana University Lilly Family
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