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Turn Your Lifestyle Into Your Personal Brand- Dec 8 on Fearless Fabulous You

My December 8th show features two women who are lifestyle brand ambassadors for their specific way of living, both through their image and products.  They have each built successful businesses loving what they do, living how they want and sharing it with others.  I'm going to ask them to share with you the secrets to
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4 Fabulous Women on Fearless Fabulous You! Oct. 27

Melanie will feature four fabulous women on the October 27 edition of Fearless Fabulous You on W4WN - the Women 4 Women Network, 9pm ET/6pm PT. Laurel Kamen and Christine Irvin, Founders, Alloro Collection In September 2011 Laurel Kamen was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast. Doctors recommended that she have a mastectomy of
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Food is Medicine! RECIPES. Thursday, 1pm ET

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to go to the pharmacy for over the counter drugs or prescribed medicines? Instead, why not turn to food to prevent and heal your body? The truth is Food is Medicine. Here to prove this is our guest, Dr. Patricia Bragg, Health Crusader, Angel of
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