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Susan Rich Talks…Love&Lifestyle with Liz Langley and James Swan

Sex relieves tension. Love causes it. ~Wood Allen "We've all had crazy times in love - intense or unrequited, unhappy and we want to leave it or someone leaves you - it can make you a bit bananas," says Liz Langley. Liz is the author of Crazy Little Thing: Why Sex and Love Drive Us
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Susan Rich Talks…guest list for week of Jan. 9

Susan Rich Talks... ...Be sure to join in for your weekly FEM Factor: Fascinate. Educate. Motivate. Here's the guest list for the week of Jan. 9, 2012 on the All Women's Radio Network, Monday: Living the Writing Life – Writing prompt for prizes, question of the week. Our guest is Lela Davidson, author of Blacklisted
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