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Soul Connections – What it means to be a Professional Psychic

Tonight on Soul Connections Maggie Chula welcomes the Master Psychics from Monday's with Metatron. They are Julie Geigle, Diana Blagdon and Katherine Glass. Listen in as they share what they do as psychic professionals. They will discuss how each of them started working as psychic professionals, what they do in session and why they love what they do.
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Channeling the Goddess Isis

On the June 23rd episode of Beyond the Veil: Soul Connections I am ready to take the next leap in my work with the Goddess energy and share my connection to the Goddess Isis. I am a Master Teacher and Channel for the Master Teachers of the Akasha. Within this connection I have written a
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Soul Connections

Maggie is a Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer and Direct Channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters. She is a Certified Psychic Professional, Neurolinguistic Hypnotherapist, trained Medical Intuitive. Maggie is the creator and teacher of Open the Doorway to Your Soul: the Akashic Vibration Process, which is a leadership development and training program for spiritual healing. &
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