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When Whiter Teeth Is Not Always a Brighter Idea – May 16- Fearless Fabulous You!

What do you notice first about someone you meet? Their eyes? Their smile? Their hair? According to a recent survey about first impressions with online dating conducted by Buzzfeed and Crest Whitestrips, over 23% of the 150,000 respondents said a person's smile is the first thing they noticed. In fact several surveys (many naturally sponsored by companies
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Fuel Your Children’s Dreams! RECIPES. Thursday. 1pm ET

Do you have an aspiring NBA player, veterinarian, dancer or singer in your home?  How about a child determined to be an Olympian gymnast, MLB star, teacher, artist or policeman.  Thousands of kids have shared their dreams with me and I simply tell them, “You can be that but you have to do 3 things: learn
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12 Healthy Habits for 2014! RECIPES. Thurs. 1pm ET

Forget New Year’s resolutions.  Forget making promises you won’t keep.  Instead begin, one at a time, to instill a healthy habit that you can stick to in 2014.  We are giving you 12.  Pick one for each month.  Gradually grow healthier throughout 2014.  Be the family that makes their doctor a stranger.  Be the ones who
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