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How To Boost the SHEconomy: March 21- Fearless Fabulous You!

In college I studied economics as part of my major, and I hated it! I just couldn't wrap my head around discussing business calculations using the term "widgets." I'd tell my professor, "Let's speak a language I can relate to, like shoes instead of widgets." In 1989, without having taken a single business course, I launched
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When Businesses Want To Grow, They Find Love: Fearless Fabulous You March 16

[caption id="attachment_21387" align="alignleft" width="191"] Jennifer Love, Entrepreneurist[/caption] When CEOs want to boost their brands and build their business they turn to the the real-deal business “Love machine” to help make it happen.  Jennifer Love has over 15 years building and working with consumer (CPG) brands. Currently, Jennifer is the Business Navigator + CEO of
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Please Join US for “Secrets to LivingBetterat50+” Radio Show Thursday, March 1 at 12 noon PST/ 3 EST

Please Join US for "Secrets to LivingBetterat50+"-This Weeks Show: "The Call To Entrepreneurship-How Do You Birth The Dream?".  Host Carol Doyel with guests: Beverly Lewis is a speaker, trainer, thriving entrepreneur and business consultant. She is the founder of and co-founder of and In her thirty
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