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Learn to Crack the Girl Code- Fearless Fabulous You! Sept 26

Is This Woman My Soul Sister or What?  You have to love someone with a bestselling book and website called "The Champagne Diet." You have to admire someone who changed careers from working in advertising to becoming a Master Life Coach to help women "live their most effervescent lives, celebrate themselves, and make happiness their
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The Perils of People Pleasing and Personal Branding

Are you a people pleaser and longing to shift?   Ready to boost your personal brand for more success?   Cheryl Rice is a leadership and life coach, professional speaker, and author. Her new book, Where Have I Been All My Life? is a quintessential read for anyone struggling with feelings of unworthiness, loss, or
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This wed @1PST, 4EST: Live the life you love (Dr. Carol McLaughlin)

You have a unique soul mission.  How can you find what lies at the very core of your being? How can pump up the “JOY factor” in your life?  It’s time to live the life your love.  Join CJ as interviews author Dr. Carol McLaughlin one of Miraval’s most sought-after specialists about her
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