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Human Body Trivia! TODAY ET

Did you know that your brain generates more energy (electric impulses) in one day than all the cell phones on the planet?  How about the fact your heart contracts more than 100,000 times a day to push blood through about 60,000 miles of blood vessels!  And there’s more, about 30-40,000 dead cells fall off your skin
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Green Grilling. Scrumptious Healthy for You and Our Planet Tips & Recipes. Sunday 1pm ET

Here’s the best New Way to buy and grill delicious food! Plus you’ll protect both our earth and your health!  Co-host, Dr. Heather Manley, Naturopathic Physician and author of the Human Body Detectives series and I  focus on your outdoor kitchen, the grill.  Great eco, budget, healthy, flavor friendly ideas, tips and recipes...
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Eat Superfoods for the Health of It! RECIPES, Sunday. 1pm ET

Are Superfoods just for Superman? Do they come from another planet? What makes a food super?  Which foods are super? Why would anyone eat them? Co-Host Dr. Heather Manley, Naturopathic Physician (Human Body Detectives) and I decided to devote a show to answering these questions and more.  You see Superfood claims everywhere and, frankly, it
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