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The Dream Expert-5 Steps To Decode Your Dreams

My guest this week The Dream Expert Dr. Gillian Holloway is a respected expert in the area of dreams and intuition. She is the author of four books on dreams, and has taught at Marylhurst University in Portland Oregon for 16 years. Her work has been featured on ABC’s 20/20 as well as the New York
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“Happy Calories Don’t Count, Neither Does Unhappy Exercise” guest Carmela Ramaglia on The Wellness Journey-LIVE!

Carmela Ramaglia is quickly becoming internationally recognized as a leading authority in clarifying and healing the issues surrounding diet, exercise and weight-loss. She is the author of Happy Calories Don’t Count (neither does unhappy exercise) and the creator of the New Body Mind Makeover™. Her Five Step Signature System illuminates the path for healing
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*Help Me God – Change My Life!*

[caption id="attachment_2282" align="alignleft" width="270"] Christian Mediator[/caption] After years of depression and seeking peace, Rhonda Jones discovered the importance of being still with God and having a joyful life. “We are all seeking help and deliverance from something," said Help Me God! Change My Life Author Rhonda Jones. "Yet deliverance does not come
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