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What Happens When You Forget about Your Soul?

Let's face it - LIFE IS BUSY! Life is full of distractions and if you let it happen, life can take over your sanity. This week Karen Horneffer-Ginter, Ph.D. is joining me to talk about her book Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit - Nourishing the Soul When Life is Just Too Much and the simple
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Understanding Dysfunctional Relationships – An In-depth Look

Do you ever wonder why you are attracted to someone who hurts you? Why can't you move forward and why do these relationships haunt you? A new fascinating book, The Human Magnet - Why We Love the People Who Hurt Us has just hit the shelves and author, Ross A. Rossenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC
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Getting Real about Caregiving! – Wednesday @1pm ET

[caption id="attachment_3162" align="alignnone" width="224"] Holly Whiteside[/caption] There are 67 million caregivers in the United States alone and most are living their lives in overwhelm and crisis! And all because they stepped up and said, "YES!" Yes is wildly powerful, but you have to know what you are walking in to prepare
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