Monthly Archives: June 2017

She’s Taking Her Message To Empower Women Around the World- June 26

I first met Jennifer Iannolo when she launched the Culinary Media Network, the world's first all-food podcast channel. While an undergrad at NYU's Stern Business School, Jennifer launched her second company and chaired a conference on social entrepreneurship. Today, she serves as a featured speaker for the U.S. State Department, specializing in women's entrepreneurship
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You Are Not Losing Your Mind! You Just Need to Declutter It- June 26

June 26 on Fearless Fabulous You!  Live: Anytime: She's a Brainiac Who Helps Your Clear Your Head No, you are not losing your mind or your memory. You just may need to find a better way to organize your thoughts. Lose your keys? Forget a word or someone's name? It
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Fearless Fabulous YOU! Two Women Start Two New Chapters- Learn Tips

While many decry the lack of women at the top of the corporate chain at Fortune 500 companies, there much to be said about the many very successful women entrepreneurs who making their mark in many areas of commerce. A few stats from Women own 10.6 million businesses in the United States. They employ 19.1 million
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