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Change Your Life Forever with The Omni Diet!

  Want to know the secrets to finally losing the weight and reclaiming your health? If you are sick and tired of trying diet after diet, then you don't want to miss The Cindy Laverty Show this week. Tana Amen is my guest and we're talking about her best selling book The Omni Diet. Tana
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Healthy is the New Sexy!

It's impossible to care for yourself without paying attention to what you put into your body. This week I'm taking the veil off this so-called mystery of "healthy eating" with my guest, the fabulous Kerry Tepedino! Kerry teaches you how to be healthy so you can be sexy! Healthy IS the new Sexy! Most of
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Fever, sneezing, coughing – flu shots the answer? Listen to Dr. Bob Sears, TODAY

Are you struggling with the flu?  Anyone coughing and sneezing in your home or workplace? Is a flu shot the answer?  Dr. Bob Sears  from the famous Sears pediatric family will give you food facts that fight germs and win!  You'll hear the truth about this flu "epidemic." Tune in today, 1pm ET, W4WN. 
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